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Why hire us?

We are the new-age branding consultants who vouch to add value to the brands we work with. Quirkiness filled with strategic thinking, and creativity is our winning mantra in this highly competitive space. But, our delightful insights, and opting for nothing but the best has helped us become one of the most sought-after branding and marketing agencies in Bangalore.

UI/UX Design

We are into product designing with extensive global expertise. Using our product management and customer interface design skills, we support businesses, improve user satisfaction and minimise churn.

Branding & Identity

We are experts with determining the business needs, and understand the vision and mission of the company. Communication with meaning follows solution with policy. We enhance your market by analysing and study customer insight.

SEO & Marketing

We are a team of expert SEO professionals who do a thorough website review to identify the strengths and weaknesses. The SEO content marketing team create high quality marketing documentations, editorials, animations and post, among other things.

Full Support

We believe that your satisfaction is our greatest endorsement. We are here for you.
Why CHalksnslate?

 It’s simple
We craft our strategies with creativity and love!

Our Approach

Work Process


Reading Your Thoughts

Or, should we say reading in between the lines to hear you speak, comprehend your thoughts, and understand your needs.

Curating and Planning the Strategy

A successful marketing strategy relies heavily on the pulling power of ideas, thoughts, and innovations. Generating leads and convincing ad campaigns is tricky - not difficult, but we strive for only the best.

Building Your Brand

That takes almost the majority of the work compilation. Neither Rome was built in a day, nor is your brand! Hours of toil and creative sessions lead to the desired results.

Final Word

On the final day, we’ll serve it hot! We have your entire brand ready. So, you can start pouring in your comments, queries, and suggestions.
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Who we are

Creative Team

Patnivrata Techie
Justin Mathews
Geeky Trader
Ankan Mehta
Angrez Brandzilla
Drishti Agarwal
Penless Writer
Divyansh Grover

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