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Social Media

Social media is one of the prominent facets that can make you and your brand reach millions of customers worldwide. It not only helps to connect with customers, but we believe, increases your brand awareness and boosts your leads and sales. At CNS, we ensure that various social media is used to give your brand the required reach. With Facebook, Instagram, and others becoming the center for your brand awareness, we make sure we develop creative ideas that do justice to your product and brand. read more

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Digital Marketing

Advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps is what digital marketing refers to at its most basic level. It is through these online media channels that digital marketing companies promote their goods, services, and brands. CNS uses data analytics to understand your target audience & how to approach them which we believe is the crux of the digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization, along with aggressive Social Media campaigns is how we work our more

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At CNS, branding is the art of aligning what you want people to perceive about your company or product to how they perceive it. It is a practice in marketing that involves conceptualizing a name, symbol, or design that relates and differentiates one product from the others. Branding involves many aspects like brand communication, brand consulting, logo design, branding and style guides, packaging design, more

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Web Design

Designing a layout that appeals to your audience is the job of CNS' UI/UX designers. For the website's intended audience, we also employ cutting-edge features that will impress them. We then create the website and make it live after that. You can take a seat and enjoy the show without worrying about anything. Our team does all the hard work, and you just sit back and watch the clicks roll in!read more

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Every brand has a story, and we let the world know yours through our lens. Generally, cinematography is the art of photography and visual narrative in a video clip, short or long. It includes all visual elements of the screen, including lighting, framing, composition, camera movement, camera angle, film selection, lens selection, depth of field, zoom, focus, colour, exposure, and filtering. Cinematography establishes and supports the overall look and mood of the film's visual more

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Animation creates the illusion of movement by taking photos of successive drawings, models, or puppets. Animation has distinctly enabled storytelling. But the world of animation has come a long way from the much loved Naruto to what we see today. For those who are ignorant, Naruto is one of the oldest animation examples that is much loved even to this date. Naruto is a Japanese manga series that is written and illustrated by the great Masashi Kishimoto. Even though not the best, it marks the inception of some serious over-the-top animations we get to see today. The fantastical world in video animation or animation video reignites the inspiration and magic of stories irrespective of your more

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Quirky thoughts with a vision

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Creating result-oriented ad copies can be difficult, especially which is appealing, and helps in lead generation. We have a driving force that works relentlessly in acquiring the set goals.

intelligence meets fun-work becomes pleasure

House of Experience

We take immense pride in our growing team of 20+ youngsters who are versatile & highly talented. Together we are a powerhouse that strives to establish a unique identity in the domain of New-Age Marketing.

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We craft our strategies with creativity and love!

see how we invent cool, quirky and striking marketing strategies.

We reach out to our Mind Palace!


Reading Your Thoughts

Or, should we say reading in between the lines to hear you speak, comprehend your thoughts, and understand your needs.

Curating and Planning the Strategy

A successful marketing strategy relies heavily on the pulling power of ideas, thoughts, and innovations. Generating leads and convincing ad campaigns is tricky - not difficult, but we strive for only the best.

Building Your Brand

That takes almost the majority of the work compilation. Neither Rome was built in a day, nor is your brand! Hours of toil and creative sessions lead to the desired results.

Final Word

On the final day, we’ll serve it hot! We have your entire brand ready. So, you can start pouring in your comments, queries, and suggestions.

Clients About Us

Wg Cdr Tarachand Prasad
CNS with innovative and fresh marketing campaigns did gave us the boost in the right direction. Our social media was promoted and also transferred into real sales.
We were instantly on-board with the progressive and fresh ideas that CNS has to offer. From establishing our digital assets to consumer engagement through social media, they handled it beautifully.
What I personally likes about CNS was there quick response. For us it was important to get our vision through. The branding and research services were on point.
I found the rebranding and research done by CNS, quite attentive and creative. They did prove to know exactly what they are upto!
With a small advertisement budget an urge to attract a large audience, we were apprehensive initially. However, the social media marketing plan along with infographics and visuals did work in our benefit.
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