Animation creates the illusion of movement by taking photos of successive drawings, models, or puppets. Animation has distinctly enabled storytelling. But the world of animation has come a long way from the much loved Naruto to what we see today. For those who are ignorant, Naruto is one of the oldest animation examples that is much loved even to this date. Naruto is a Japanese manga series that is written and illustrated by the great Masashi Kishimoto. Even though not the best, it marks the inception of some serious over-the-top animations we get to see today. The fantastical world in video animation or animation video reignites the inspiration and magic of stories irrespective of your age. 

At CNS, we tell your story through our video animation. Our talented team works round the clock to produce works that speak the language of your product. Our animation video of your product or brand conveys your thought process, and we just add the frames and the creativity.


Planning a video or sequence requires serious prep. It is used to visualise motion pictures, animations, motion graphics, or interactive media sequences through the use of illustrations and images.

At CNS, storyboarding is our roadmap on our journey from script to screen. Our designers and illustrators continuously produce a series of ordered drawings with camera directions, dialogues, and other vital details to ensure the end product is smooth as butter. At CNS, we believe a presentation without a storyboard is like a cart without a horse. One has no idea which direction whoever is going to pull the cart.

It is much easier to share and explain your video vision to others when you have a visual aid available. Traditional storyboards are made of pencil or ink drawings that help visualise the video before it is filmed. A wall or spiral-bound book can be used for easy reference. Each shot in your script can be sketched out using the drawing.

Written notes are common on traditional storyboards, which describe what's going on during a scene. Easy editing is the best thing about this kind of storyboard.

Illustration Framing

Successfully illustrated graphic forms reflect powerful messages, creating a picturesque experience that is all its own.

By making small changes between each keyframe, Illustration framing animation creates the illusion of movement. Traditional cell animation, in which each drawing is on its own sheet of paper, and is just as time-consuming. In graphic design, framing or video animation is a key principle that isn't discussed as much as colour or typography.

Visual expression, graphic interpretation, decoration, and most often a visual act in itself that presents all of the above are all examples of illustration.

The work of an illustrator consists of transforming a client's or a person's ideas into a graphic form.

Fortunately, the majority of graphic illustrators are flexible and capable of changing their graphic-technical approach in order to create an appropriate aesthetical concept that would perfectly fit your project and ensure its higher value

Using illustrations in visual communication helps to explain, simplify, create a sense of familiarity and style and most importantly, provide a solution.

Illustrations combine specific graphic elements for web pages coupled with interactivity and moving on to unique icon sets, vivid calendars, children's illustrations and vector art for book covers and product packaging as well as character design and unique illustrations.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics is a type of animation. Animation is a broad term that encompasses everything from cartoons to claymation, while motion graphics describe moving, animation video or animated graphic Animation is a broad term that encompasses everything from cartoons to claymation, while motion graphics describes moving,  or animated graphic Animation is a broad term that encompasses everything from cartoons to claymation, while motion graphics describes moving or animated graphic design.

Motion graphics give graphic design elements movement like a video explainer but tend to have less of a concrete storytelling aspect than other types of animation.

As opposed to static graphic design, motion graphics or a video explainer adds motion and movement to it, usually without following a specific narrative.

A video explainer is a short video used for marketing or sales that explains a product, service, or business idea in a compelling and efficient way. These videos are usually made by an explainer video company & posted to landing pages or the homepage of a company's site. The videos are used by some companies for advertising on Facebook and other social media websites.

Animation includes hand-drawn cartoons, computer-generated images, anime, claymation, and motion graphics. These categories do not have to be mutually exclusive in order to be considered. Although most motion graphics are created using CGI, they could theoretically be created using hand-drawn animation as well.

There are other types of animation that are better for highlighting emotional aspects of a storey, providing a narrative or connecting with an audience on an emotional level.

For these types of narratives, other types of animation are more suitable.