‍At CNS, branding is the art of aligning what you want people to perceive about your company or product to how they perceive it. It is a practice in marketing that involves conceptualizing a name, symbol, or design that relates and differentiates one product from the others. Branding involves many aspects like brand communication, brand consulting, logo design, branding and style guides, packaging design, etc. 

We provide a complete 360-degree brand Identity strategy to ensure optimal brand management with our array of branding services. We go the extra mile and brief you about the ideal way to take your brand to market so that you do not have to stress over it.

Our branding services give birth to your brand, from picking the perfect brand name, tagline, logo to creating them to your liking. Our talented team of marketing experts, designers, and content writers handle the ideating and designing process to provide your brand with the best digital branding. 

We do our research and find out what has been successful for similar brands in the past. Post this, we at CNS come up with unique and out-of-the-box digital branding solutions/strategies to ensure that your brand is in the spotlight.

Brand communication

Brand communication is coordinating advertising, social media, and reviews used to communicate with the customers. It takes place each time a potential customer interacts with a particular brand. CNS, being a digital marketing agency, understands that developing a consistent brand makes all methods of communication more effective. Hence, we invest significant time developing communication strategies as it is essential to build an entire brand. Ample time goes in deciding how, how much and how often to communicate.

Brand Consulting

We provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing prowess to facilitate successful product sales. We develop and implement power-packed tactics for both new and existing products. We provide your brand with strategic directions backed by competitive analysis and audience research, thereby providing a well-thought-out roadmap. We make sure we help the brand navigate the market landscape.

Logo Designing

We know that the Logo is the face of your brand and that it does most of the heavy lifting. We understand that a well-designed logo makes a great first impression for customer interactions. A logo is your brand’s identity and is a symbol through which people remember you better, in addition to fostering brand loyalty. 

We believe that a logo should be audience-appropriate, easy to read, unique, and scalable. We believe that it paves the way for personal branding by setting you apart from your competitors.  

With our skilled and talented designers, we can vouch that we are a team of experts at logo designing and can cater to your needs well. Buttressed by excellent research capabilities, an ability to see the bigger picture, and clear communication, we can provide you with personal branding that will establish you in the niche in the field.

Branding & Style Guides

Consistency is inevitable in branding but ensuring it can be chaotic. Hence, at CNS, we provide you with brand and style guides. We painstakingly curate a rulebook containing specifications on everything that emulates your brand’s look and feel.

When it comes to branding, consistency is everything. We are clear about how we present your brand to the world. We direct the design for content through branding and style guides, from blog posts and presentations to your business cards. 

The young lads and lassies at this digital marketing company create a compelling brand story, set guidelines for the logo, define directions for your brand colour, and outlines for brand fonts to spell out your brand voice clearly.

Packaging Design

Our investigation found that consumers take around 5-7 seconds to make a purchase. Hence, we want your product to look the best. Design is the critical factor in packaging. We opine that a quality package design attracts potential customers to set your product apart. Just like us, our packaging designs are quirky, authentic, and charming. The visual presence suggests an unmistakable personality and quality of the product. So now you see why packaging design is a powerful marketing tool in brand management.