Every brand has a story, and we let the world know yours through our lens. Generally, cinematography is the art of photography and visual narrative in a video clip, short or long. It includes all visual elements of the screen, including lighting, framing, composition, camera movement, camera angle, film selection, lens selection, depth of field, zoom, focus, colour, exposure, and filtering. Cinematography establishes and supports the overall look and mood of the film's visual narrative.

We at CNS not only tell your story, but we let the images speak for you. We wrack our creative brains to provide you with the best of Still Photoshoots, E-commerce Photoshoots, Mockup Designs, Model Photoshoots, Live Videos, Ad Videos, and much more, giving you a unique cinematography experience.

Still Photoshoot

Still-photos is a unique genre of photography, and one thing that makes it so distinctive is that sometimes the subjects aren't fascinating. They're just ordinary objects that you usually wouldn't pay much attention to. Hence, we find ways to make our photos enjoyable. At CNS, we experiment with different arrangements, lighting, and compositions, to breathe life into your brand's stills. We capture objects in a way that showcases the best through our lens, so your brand shines the brightest. Much emphasis goes into the arrangements of items, the lighting, and the framing to make sure we do justice to the grandness of your product. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and styles to make sure your product and brand look handsome and elegant.

E-commerce Photoshoots

Humans are visual beings and process information on what is viewed. People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what we read, and hence we put a lot of effort to reflect your brand in the best frames. Images are the most important things connected to e-commerce, and great images increase your sales.

Photos of the products govern how an audience looks at your brand. It is the first thing that your audience sees about your product. We do not underestimate the importance of product photography because it is essential in selling your brand.

We aim to keep it minimalistic and straightforward so that your product gets the required focus. We provide all the necessary visual information to potential customers to make sure you have good sales. We plan our shoots in detail, from the background to the lighting, editing, and creating a unique template. And for us, consistency is the key. At CNS, we make sure our images are original to optimize your sales.

Mockup Designs

Our team of talented designers and photographers provides you with creative, photorealistic presentations that preview how your product would look or function in the real world. To do this convincingly, we make mockups that look professional. Our mockup designs are robust because they tell a story, your story.

Creative scene-setting and the realistic inclusion of the design m=is what makes our mockup designs successful. We brew attention and detail to your story, which makes it compelling to its viewers.

Model Photoshoot

When trying to sell a product, it is necessary to photograph the product to help customers understand what they are buying. But, adding a human element to your product can elevate its appearance and give it a personal touch. By adding models to the photographs, the different uses and features of the product can be better displayed to the audience.

We understand that this can be costly, and not every brand has the resources to spare. At CNS, we use model photography and our creative freedom to deliver the human touch to your product.

We believe that using models to showcase your product attracts wider audiences. People understand the features, how and where to use the product, and its application. Our strategy is to keep your product in focus there by using a relevant model for your product.

Live videos

Social media experts lay their bets on live videos as the hottest content marketing strategy in the coming times, and we are no different. It is one of the most proven ways to deliver your brand's message. With live videos, customer engagement and trust in the brands we promote have augmented phenomenally, and with it, you seize the moment and connect with your audience right at the spot. They witness it as it happens, and this makes the beauty of live videos even more spectacular. With no cuts and retakes, we build the authenticity of your brand.

With our live streamings, you reach new heights as the content directly reaches your customers. We employ the best equipment and technicians to live stream videos for you. That's our tailored and stylized way of getting back to the basics. We also collaborate with influencers and experts to promote your product in complete honesty, provoking content conversation.

Ad videos

Creating video advertisements is one of the most effective and profitable ways of promoting your company and its products. We make the best video ads for your brand by building a solid creative brief, finding reference videos from different sources, and understanding your product requirements. By doing so, we let our brands and companies have the power to share their values and identity through creative video ads using appealing visual elements to attract more consumers with more effectiveness.

We create custom videos based on your brief. Our design team works right from concept development to art design and animation to feature your product and brand in the best way possible.