Social Media

Social Media

Social media is one of the prominent facets that can make you and your brand reach millions of customers worldwide. It not only helps to connect with customers, but we believe, increases your brand awareness and boosts your leads and sales. At CNS, we ensure that various social media is used to give your brand the required reach. With Facebook, Instagram, and others becoming the center for your brand awareness, we make sure we develop creative ideas that do justice to your product and brand. We do everything, from Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Influencer Management, Campaign Planning to Social Media Creatives, Gifs, and Videos to express the soul of your brand. 

We firmly believe that the use of social media should not be limited to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes. So, at CNS, we develop a social media calendar, optimize your posts to reach your target audience, and develop innovative copies and designs to dazzle those who check out your profile on multiple platforms.

From calendars to the day-to-day functioning of your social media handles, we do everything for you so that your audience is hooked up to what you have to say.

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy or social media marketing strategy is way beyond using Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to post brand-related content. It is a plan where social media emphasizes maximizing engagement and interactions to achieve a brand or a product’s objectives. These objectives include generating leads, improving awareness, or even creating a viral effect. At CNS, we believe that social media marketing strategy doesn’t have to be painful. We come up with a social media marketing strategy that does justice to your brand and your value! Hence, we summarise everything we plan to do and achieve on social media, which guides our actions and lets us know if we are moving in the right direction.

Social Media Management

Social networking has carved a niche in the lives of people and businesses. Brands now use social networking to stay in constant touch with their existing audience and enable their reach to new ones. We understand that every brand is unique. Hence, we individually build efficient social media management processes that cater to your brand.

We analyze social media audiences and develop strategies that are tailored for you. We create and distribute compelling content for social media profiles, monitor online conversations, collaborate with influencers, provide community services, and monitor, measure, and report social media performances and ROI. This enables us to set your stronghold in social networking and allow your brand to speak to its customers. 

We do all of this so that you can kick back with a pint of beer while you watch your brand grow.

Influencer Marketing

9 out of 10 brands are using some kind of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a popular strategy, and one cannot miss it today. Influencer marketing is when influencers or personalities known and followed by audiences promote a brand to a market. Influencers being opinion leaders, appear as trustworthy and expert sources of information with a significant social following base. 

We get your brand in touch with influencers who become the faces of your brand. 

We ensure that your brand can successfully leverage influencer marketing across various social media platforms to drive its objective across the marketing funnel.

Campaign Planning

Using social media to market a brand means always strategizing. Campaigns are of many kinds and vary depending upon the campaign goals and the resources your brand has at its disposal. We find the best one for you, from giveaways, influencer partnerships to UGC (user-generated content) contests and others, that achieve the goals you pursue. Hence, we curate media campaigns with coordinated posts with a particular purpose behind them individual to your brand. We understand your goal, determine your audience, pick your platforms, lay the foundation, and finally, come up with a formidable campaign idea. Yes, we make sure we do our homework well.

Social Media Creatives, Gifs, and Videos

At CNS, our team of creative individuals is constantly scratching their heads in search of newer ways to make your brand fun, exciting, and appealing to the audience. We brainstorm for hours and come up with unique content that for sure ups your game. The end products of impressive images, animated GIFs, and captivating videos improve your visual content. We come up with topics that resonate with your target audience and tell a story through our creative approaches.